Financing for start ups

As a start up, it may be difficult to produce the financial figures and sales history that are normally required to obtain a loan. If you need more financing than your bank is able to provide, a loan or a guarantee from Vaekstfonden can help. We have solutions suitable for all stages of your company’s development, depending on your stage of growth. We always provide financing via close dialogue with you, your bank and other partners such as your accountant. Our goal is for you to receive the financing package best suited to your needs.

Find the proper solution for your needs

Start loans

Start loans are aimed at young entrepreneurial enterprises offering a fully developed product, high growth potential, and their first customer pipeline.

Loans for entrepreneurs

For a young company that has products and customers but whose short existence makes it difficult to secure financing to accelerate growth.

Venture Debt

The venture debt product is a loan for mature startups, who already have obtained equity funding from a venture capital fund.


In case of insufficient security to acquire an ordinary bank guarantee or leasing deal.

Guarantees for Loans

Facilitates access to bank financing for a loan of less than DKK 2 million. Covers up to 75 pct. of the bank's risk.

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