Vaekstfonden as Fund Investor

If you are a professional fund manager and you are seeking capital for a fund, Vaekstfonden may be an option. We invest in funds that invest in unlisted companies.

At Vaekstfonden, we aim to increase the access to capital, competences and networks for Danish enterprises. Access is facilitated via long-term collaboration with and investments in Danish and international funds focusing their investments in unlisted small and medium-sized enterprises with growth potential.

The aim is to attract capital and competences for promising segments of the markets, thereby contributing to the creation of the most efficient European market for risk capital.

We invest in funds based on one of three objectives:

  • Innovation: Creating new investment units;
  • Continuation: Investing in existing investment units;
  • Development: Streamlining in the market, e.g. merging existing investment opportunities.

We invest in one of two ways:

  1. The Vaekstfonden department for fund investments, VF Fonde, invests assets from the Vaekstfonden balance in primarily venture funds, both nationally and internationally, to raise capital for, and inject competences and knowledge in, Danish enterprises.
  2. We ensure investments in venture and buyout funds via Dansk Vækstkapital and Dansk Vækstkapital II, both established as a collaboration between the Danish state, the pension funds and a number of other investors.
    Read more about Dansk Vækstkapital

All investments are commercial, and the funds we invest in are managed by professional fund managers with specialised knowledge of the type of companies invested in by the funds.

We always invest in syndication with other investors and thus help ensure that private assets are injected into the funds.

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If your fund would like to be considered for fund investment, please submit a fund prospectus describing in detail how the fund meets our investment criteria. The criteria are listed above.