Business angels collaboration

Business angels play an important part in the financial ecosystem inhabited by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Denmark. Therefore, Vaekstfonden enjoys collaboration and syndication with a broad range of skilled business angels annually making numerous investments. Read about two of the Vaekstfonden initiatives below – both aimed specifically at Danish business angels: The initiative with EAF Denmark is aimed at matching your investment with additional equity, whilst for the other initiative, Business angel matching loans, we match your investment with a loan to the company.

Products for business angels

Business angel matching loan

A Business angel matching loan is one of the initiatives offered by Vaekstfonden and aimed at ensuring risk capital for young Danish entrepreneurial companies. We use this credit line to give approved business angels an opportunity to match their investments in young start-up companies with an ancillary loan at a ratio of 1: 1.

EAF Denmark - business angel matching fund

In collaboration with European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark), and the European Investment Fund (EIF), Vaekstfonden gives skilled Danish business angels the opportunity of matching their investments in Danish startup and growth companies.