Business angel equity

Investments from a business angel in your enterprise may prove to be the solution if you are looking to inject both capital and competences. At Vaekstfonden, we collaborate and enter into syndicates with a number of skilled business angels each and every year. Below you can find more information on the two initiatives offered by Vaekstfonden and targeted at business angels, so that you may determine if a collaboration benefit your business.

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Business angel matching loan

A business angel matching loan is one of the avenues offered by Vaekstfonden and aimed at ensuring risk capital for young Danish entrepreneurial enterprises. The credit line is designed as an ancillary loan from Vaekstfonden to a loan from a business angel.

European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark)

Through European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark), Vaekstfonden and the European Investment Fund (EIF) can match the investments from selected Danish business angels and increase the available amount of capital for Danish startup and growth companies.