COVID-19 BA loans

COVID-19 business angel matching loans are part of Vaekstfonden’s efforts to secure venture capital for early-stage Danish entrepreneurial companies during the COVID-19 crisis. With this loan facility, your company can combine an investment from a business angel with a loan from Vaekstfonden.

NB! The Danish versions of, subpages and documents are fully updated, and we strive to update the English versions regularly, but differences may occur.

With a business angel matching loan, business angels approved for the scheme can match their investments in early-stage entrepreneurs with a loan to the company at a ratio of up to 1:3. This means that if a business angel invests in your company, you may also be offered a loan by Vaekstfonden.

This loan facility thus helps to secure increased access to capital for Danish entrepreneurial companies, while at the same time making it more attractive for business angels to invest in the early segments.

The individual business angel must be approved to use the scheme. After that, it is up to the business angel when the loan facility should be brought into play.