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If your enterprise is a start-up company, Vaekstfonden offers a range of financing options depending on your business needs. The various types of financing offered are tailored to the various types of business plans. If your enterprise e.g. has an aggressive growth plan with high scalability ambitions, a convertible loan may be your first step towards greater access to capital if you are not yet quite ready to take on a direct investor. Or perhaps your enterprise has the prospect of more moderate growth, then long-term financing may be a suitable option giving your enterprise solid access to risk financing without the offer of equity interests in return. Regardless of which entry to Vaekstfonden you may use, we will still take a broad approach across all credit lines to find the best combination for you.

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Early Engagement

Early Engagement is a convertible loan for young entrepreneurial, highly scalable enterprises not yet ripe for venture capital.

Start loans

Start loans are aimed at young entrepreneurial enterprises offering a fully developed product, high growth potential, and their first customer pipeline.

Loans for entrepreneurs

For a young company that has products and customers but whose short existence makes it difficult to secure financing to accelerate growth.


In case of insufficient security to acquire an ordinary bank guarantee or leasing deal.

Access to capital via our partners

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Nikolaj Sørstrup Jørgensen

Nikolaj Sørstrup Jørgensen

Senior Relationship Manager

Jesper Hart-Hansen

Jesper Hart-Hansen

Investment Manager, Early Engagement