Responsible workplace

Here we describe some of the initiatives we have introduced to create a responsible workplace. The initiatives are anchored in our HR department with the responsible managers.

Dialogue about well-being and stress

We believe that a workplace that allows employees to take responsibility, have influence, and to continuously develop their competencies thereby creates job satisfaction. Therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on dialogue, information and developing each individual. We experience some very busy periods and we therefore focus on stress avoidance and on taking care of our employees, who may suffer nonetheless. In addition to ongoing dialogue, we carry out performance reviews twice annually, during which well-being, job security and development are always discussed. We complete an annual well-being and satisfaction survey and a workplace evaluation every other year.

Flex agreements

We offer a flex agreement to employees with seniority who have given a lot over many years, in order to enable them to remain employed as along as possible in accordance with their wishes. The contents of such an agreement is determined by the employee and their manager. It is important that an agreement meets the employee's needs and wishes to the best of Vaekstfonden's abilities.

Heath and exercise

Well-being in everyday life and physical condition are often closely related. Therefore, we offer our employees a variety of ways to prevent job-related diseases and to improve general health. We offer weekly optional group training sessions, for example strength training for the back and yoga. Our employees also have the option of receiving a massage and physical therapy. Our cafeteria serves healthy meals and we offer organic fruit daily.

Diversity policy

We strive to ensure that all our employees have the same opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age. We also strive to provide women and men the same career opportunities in our organisation. We therefore support each employee's potential to take on more management responsibility, and we have a diversity policy.