Financing for companies affected by COVID-19

Companies that are particularly affected by COVID-19 can apply for financing from Vaekstfonden. Vaekstfonden offers several financial solutions depending on the company's stage and capital needs. All companies have to meet a number of requirements in order to be concidered suitable for financing. In addition, Vaekstfonden has introduced an initiative that can pause repayments and interest payments if the company already has a loan at Vaekstfonden. In this new situation, many companies need an extra pair of hands - that for some, can be crucial to their survival. Therefore, consider your capital needs, and apply only for the size of COVID-19 financing from Vaekstfonden you need. This way, we can help more through the crisis, so that we stand stronger as a society when the crisis ends.

A comprehensive overview of COVID-19 initiatives

Relief packages information in English

The Danish government and a united Danish Parliament have passed several Relief Packages for all businesses in Denmark with a CVR number – also fully foreign-owned companies. In order to assist and inform foreign owned businesses in Denmark, Copenhagen Capacity has translated the Relief Packages and gathered relevant information. Information will be updated continuously.

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