Information for funds, business angels and other investors

If you are a fund manager, investor, business angel or the like, you can read more about how to help COVID-19 affected companies in cooperation with Vaekstfonden. Your investment can be matched with a loan from Vaekstfonden.

We match your investment

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Financing for mature companies with investment plans

We can provide financing for all sorts of growth of your business. You may need to increase or right-size your production or facilities, strengthen your sales capacity, train your employees, finance warehouse space or provide credit for your customers. We always provide financing via close dialogue with you, your bank and other partners such as your accountant. Our goal is for you to receive the financing package best suited to your needs.

For entrepreneurs

As a start-up company, you have a range of financing options depending on your business needs. If your enterprise e.g. has high scalability ambitions, a convertible loan may be your first step towards greater access to capital if you are not yet quite ready to take on a direct investor. Or perhaps your enterprise has the prospect of more moderate growth. Then long-term financing may be a suitable option giving your enterprise solid access to risk financing without the offer of equity interests in return. Regardless of which entry to Vaekstfonden you may use, we will still take a broad approach across all credit lines to find the best combination for you.

Other COVID-19 financial solutions for companies

COVID-19 guarantee SMEs

If your company’s earnings have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Vaekstfonden can guarantee new loans or operating credit facilities from your bank, thereby giving you easier access to the necessary financing.

COVID-19 guarantee for large companies

If your company’s earnings have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Vaekstfonden can guarantee loans or credit from a bank to cover your revenue loss. The guarantee functions as surety for the bank and thereby eases your access to the required financing.

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