Board of Directors

Vaekstfonden is managed by a professional board of directors. The board members are appointed by the Minister of Business. Each board member can be appointed for two periods of up to three years each. To ensure a broad representation of professional insights within the areas of management, sales, financing and venture investments, industrial relations, technology, and the specific circumstances concerning small and medium-sized enterprises, the Board is assembled accordingly. Each year a minimum of six board meetings are held - with a minimum of one meeting in each quarter.

Tue Mantoni

Tue Mantoni, Chairman of the board

Anne-Louise Thon-Jensen

Camilla Ley Valentin

Jacob Bratting Petersen

Jacob Bratting Pedersen, employee representative

Jesper Højberg Christensen

Lars Holst

Lars Holst

Kim Lundberg

Kim Lundberg, employee representative

Thor Möger Pedersen